How to select medical door ?

 Medical doors are mainly used in the public space of the hospital. For the special places of the hospital, the flow of people is large and the patients are dense, which is prone to collision or cross infection. Therefore, when choosing hospital doors, we need to consider the following points. Let's have a look.

1. Safe and durable 

Safety and durability are the primary factors in choosing medical doors, so how can we choose safe and durable medical doors? First of all, the materials of medical doors include wood doors, resin doors, composite plate doors, steel doors, etc. from these materials, steel doors have been selected for hospital construction in recent years. The surface materials of qualified medical steel doors are hot-melt galvanized steel plate and sprayed with high-voltage electrostatic powder. 

2. Production process 

The production process is related to the service life of the door, but also affects the safety. For example, the latch, hinge and other hardware of the door shall not be easy to loosen, and the corners shall be subject to fillet transition treatment; Screws, rivets and welding cannot be used around the door leaf, because the opening frequency of the hospital door is high. If the screws are loose and the solder joint falls off, there will be safety problems. Now, the high-end medical steel door leaf basically adopts the bite structure, which can be used without separation; The door frame is equipped with embedded sealing buffer strip, which is convenient for later disassembly.


3. Antibacterial properties 

There are many patients in the hospital, which are prone to cross infection. The door handle and door leaf are places that people can easily contact. It is very important to adopt antibacterial treatment for all door handles and door surfaces. The qualified medical door surface coating adopts antibacterial powder coating, which is added with silver ions to slow down the rapid fission of bacteria.


4. Beautiful 

Beauty is also a very important factor, which can improve the comfort of doctors and patients. The color is customized according to the surrounding environment.



Ten precautions for hospital automatic sliding door

The hospital automatic sliding door is safe, reliable, practical and convenient, which brings great convenience to our medical staff. Through microcomputer control, the medical staff will open the medical door when they walk far away, and the passage is unobstructed. After walking, the medical door will close automatically, which is relatively safe, but it will be dangerous if it is not used carelessly. In the process of using the automatic medical door, customers and friends must follow the following matters to ensure the normal operation of the automatic hospital door.

1. Please pass through the automatic medical door in order. Please do not forcibly pass through the automatic medical door when the medical door is about to close or when the medical door is closed. Make sure to pass through the automatic medical door when the automatic medical door opens a space for more than one person.


2. Do not jam the automatic medical door, collide with the automatic medical door, or damage the automatic medical door equipment and medical door body with external force.


3. Medical personnel and guardians who are less than 1.2 meters tall should help the elderly or children with disabilities to move through the door automatically.


4. Please do not stay in the automatic medical door for a long time, and do not put any obstacles in the automatic medical door.


5. When the automatic medical door is in the automatic sensing state, please do not stay in the sensing area and automatic mouth for a long time.


6. In case of power failure, you can manually push open the medical door leaf of the automatic medical door to both sides. In case of automatic medical door failure or emergency, please turn off the power supply of the automatic medical door first and manually push open the medical door leaf of the automatic medical door.


7. The fixed medical door leaf and movable medical door leaf of the automatic medical door shall be pasted with eye-catching signs to avoid colliding with the automatic medical door.


8. Do not place objects that rub or collide with the medical door body near the automatic medical door, which will affect the normal opening and closing of the medical door.


9. The cabinet shall be kept clean to prevent sundries from damaging the medical door.


10. Clean the chassis regularly to ensure the smooth operation of the automatic medical door.


Why are airtight doors widely used ?

Airtight doors are used in many industriesespecially in clean room industry. Airtight doors are made of high-quality stainless steel, aluminum plate or galvanized plate and adopt electrostatic plastic spraying process. Therefore, airtight clean room doors have many advantages over other ordinary doors. What is the reason why airtight doors will be widely praised in various industries?

No.1: Strong air tightness

Since the airtight door is made of high-quality stainless steel, aluminum plate or galvanized plate, its surface is relatively smooth and can withstand the impact. In addition, in order to improve the air-tightness, a sealant strip will be pasted between the door plate and the door frame during production. Therefore, the air tightness is good, and this feature has become one of the reasons why we choose it.

No.2: Good corrosion resistance

Because the airtight door adopts the electrostatic spraying process, the color of the airtight door can be customized according to the specific place of use, and the airtight door will be manufactured in strict accordance with the standardized way in the process of production and manufacturing. Therefore, the airtight door produced in this way also has strong corrosion resistance, so that the service life of the airtight door is longer.

No.3: Various opening modes

The opening mode of the airtight door is designed according to the requirements. The airtight door has several different opening modes, such as foot sensing opening mode, password access control, face recognition, etc., which is also one of the reasons why the airtight door is favored by us.

As you can see from the above, the air tight door has good air tightness, good anti-corrosion ability and various opening modes which is widely used in many industries, and also shows that the air tight door has attracted the attention and favor of customers.

With the rapid development of technology, airtight door has become an indispensable product in many industries, which is more like a choice in the new era.


From the above information, you can choose a suitable airtight door manufacturer for your projects.